Monday 1 November 2010

Halloween and Stinging Nettles

So the last few days have be rather varied...Friday was spent doing bits and bobs, sorting out the fermenting bins ready to be filled on Saturday with fresh apple juice, and then made into cider. (I got to use a pressure washer for the first time: yay!)
Saturday was the final Apple pressing of the year, and it was very busy with all the locals bringing their own apples to press and help out. The first group to arrive were three generations, some visiting from London, some from Bristol, and young children too. They all helped out together and it was so lovely to see. After lunch time, it got busy, and I often found myself with little to do! Everyone pitched in and had a go which was so nice.
One thing I have noticed so far is just how friendly everyone is here. People are interested in what you are doing, quick to offer help and advice and when doing a job, such as apple picking, eager to pitch in, do a good job and work together as a team. It's these qualities that I love and I'm glad to be working in such a healthy environment. 

Sunday was our day off and we had planned to go up to Glastonbury as another Wwoofer had said she would be there. And we managed to randomly meet her in the street at Glastonbury! We arrived around 11:30am and sat down to have tea/hot chocolate and for me to write some postcards. We then went to check out the town, and it really is a beautiful old place. We then thought we'd see the Fayre that was on, though it was smaller than we'd anticipated. There were a few people dressed up and some faerie ears around, but not on a large scale. Lunch was at the Blue Note Cafe, where a yummy Schnitzel burger and a halloumi special burger were consumed with chips. We were also treated to some lovely live music, courtesy of some of the customers, one, dressed in a beautiful blue cloak who played a lute and a guy sporting a great pair of horns played the flute! 

Lola leads the way

After lunch, we decided that while it was still good light, we'd climb the Tor and have a look around. 

We finally made it to the top! (and I realised how UNFIT I am!)  The views were absolutely stunning and it was worth the effort.

Lola, Leah, Barry and Corina seen through St. Michael's Tower
We then found a good pub where there was some live jazz, (always good!) and carved ourselves a mini pumpkin:

We had considered going to a ceremony, but the main one was a bit pricey and you needed to pre-order tickets. When we arrived, it was strictly no dogs and to be honest, the attitude was not friendly. I was rather surprised at this as I had assumed the pagan/witch/alternative scene would be welcoming and all about positive energy, but to be honest, don't go to Glastonbury if you want that. It just seemed to be a load of people who identified themselves strongly in a group and if you wanted in, you had to be like them. (Sorry if this offends anyone from Glastonbury and I'd love to hear your comments about the town).
We finished back near the pub with the good live jazz and observed the youth of the town gathering around the monument. Some were dressed up, some were skateboarding, but they were all having a good time, by the looks of things!
The drive home seemed less longer that I'd thought, and lots of loud singing to classic 'choons' helped! Back by midnight and I'm glad I can tick Glastonbury off my list. However, next year demands a proper Halloween fancy dress effort. Hold me to it people!

Today was a relaxed day. John and I headed over to Riverford to collect some extra pasteurised bottles from Saturday and check the clean up was going well, (thank you Tim!). We then pootled about, dropping things off, picking other things up and finished with some delicious pasties from the Riverford Farm Shop. The afternoon was spent weeding, and getting stung by nettles, (I don't wear gloves). I figure that this will be good for me as it helps with arthritis, and my joints have been complaining recently! I also rubbed the traditional dock leaf on it and that seemed to help for a while. I then helped Barry with the compost toilet by "planting" some willow stalks around the sides to decorate....I'm interested to see if they will grow!

Supper tonight was interesting, as we realised the gas that had been supplying the cooker has run out. Solution: throw a load of wood into the wood stove and cook on that. I was so happy, because in my opinion, things like that just make sense!  And for the first time in my life, I have genuinely slaved at a hot stove! Brilliant!

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